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Z.D.B Cutaway - Malaysian Ebony/Englemann Spruce
This instrument is the first of my Prototypes, designed form the ground up, every component has been thought through and improved if possible. Using traditional building methods that have been used for hundreds of years combined with an element of contemporary design, my intentions for developing this instrument was to build the most playable guitar, something that you just cant put down!

The shape is loosely based of an OM, both upper and lower bout are similar widths however the waist is somewhat slimmer. The internal construction is also very different to the standard Martin, featuring triangular block linings and bracing patterns that I have been developing over the last few years.

One of the most striking features on this guitar is the inset heel, having built many guitars with the classic Martin style heel, I thought why had no one tried a neck joint where the heel is actually sunk into and flush with the body. This not only allows more access to the higher frets but also adds another point of contact when glueing. An added bonus is it really gives the instrument a contemporary feel and look.

There are several discreet features that I have added such as the subtle arm bevels which are integrated into the binding, this means you get the comfort whilst playing without cutting out large chunks of the soundboard or sticking bulky pieces of wood inside the instrument.

Beautiful Malaysian Ebony back and sides.
Englemann Spruce soundboard with custom bracing pattern.
Ebony Fingerboard, bridge and book-matched headstock veneer with hand cut brass inlay.
Rocklite ebano bindings with Discreet arm bevels.
Z.D.B inset heel neck joint.
25.5" scale length.
Stainless steel frets with semi-hemispherical fret ends.
Gotoh 510 machine-heads.
Torrified maple neck with two way adjustable truss rod and carbon reinforcement.
High gloss traditional French Polish shellac finish.
Hand carved cattle bone nut and saddle.
Hide glue construction.

Malaysian Ebony Cutaway 5.jpg
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